We finally got the weather we’ve been expecting/dreading all Spring and early Summer – our normal weather – the dreaded over the hills heat. It was 94 yesterday and a bit humid and the sun felt just like the giant scorching ball of flaming gases that it essentially is.

Up until now it has been almost perfect weather – 85 or so with occasional light breezes. Oh well – the heat does mean that the peaches are finally ripening. I picked the first six yesterday, put them down in the kitchen, turned my back and they were gone. I suspect light-fingered children myself.

I know firsthand about the sun because I spent the last couple of days proceeding with the guttering which is now over half done and looking very nice. But between the sun and the hornets looking to find ways under the edge of the roof it can be a risky job.

I’ve also been doing some cooking. There is dough rising on the stove made with a sponge starter that I have had for some time in the fridge, using my slow starter method but making the starter more substantial and less liquid. So far it has worked really well and makes a much better sourdough flavor.

I made a couple of really good pork roasts – one was a Mediterranean herb marinade and the other a high heat spicy one. The high heat was slightly better but both were really good. I also made some wonderful barbecued/grilled salmon that came out perfectly – soft and translucent in the middle with a lovely smokey crust and I made a sauce by reducing the marinade in its flat pan directly over the grill. It was an artichoke, tequila, lemon juice and honey marinade and it made a great sauce!

When I get photos moved across I’ll give you the recipes as well.

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