Pickle Potato Salad

Whew! I’m pretty busy at the moment. We are going on vacation in a few days and I also now have a fair amount of consulting work and I have to put the last finishing touches (connectors to the drain system) on the gutters and add a seat belt to our camper van. Plus there are innumerable small chores and I am still job hunting. So it isn’t surprising that I haven’t done much blogging or cooking for that matter.

We also have lots and lots of peaches from the tree – about sixty this year – so we’ve been eating a lot of those.

But I did find time to make a potato salad for the girls the other day that I was very pleased with.

Pickle Potato Salad

I’d heard about people making potato salad with bread-and-butter pickles before but I don’t really like those – they are too sweet for me. So I went with our favorite half sour kosher dills. First I gently boiled two pounds of russian red fingerling potatoes until just cooked through. I had cut them into bite sized chunks which meant mostly half a potato but sometimes a whole potato and sometimes quarters.

I let the potatoes cool in cold water after I drained them while I made the rest of the salad. I coarsely chopped half a bunch of watercress and threw it in a large bowl. Then I added six smallish half-sour kosher dills that I had sliced into pieces about a quarter of an inch thick. Then I added a quarter cup of the pickle juice and a quarter cup of mayonnaise and half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of ground black pepper (most people will like a lot less like a couple of grinds from the grinder). I finely sliced half a bunch of spring onions and added them too. Then I added the cold and drained potatoes and stirred thoroughly to coat them with the rest of the salad. It was really very, very good. I might add a little honey mustard next time for a variation.

The kids liked it too and we ate it with corn on the cob (which I had cooked with the potatoes) and a little bacon (which could have gone into the salad too but for our vegetarian diner).

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