We’re going to the lair. The lair of the bear.

That means we are going to our family camp in Pinecrest in the Sierras where we will go hiking, kayaking on and swimming in the lake. We will watch ridiculous variety shows. We will be fed – quite well actually. We will sit around campfires and talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. Anything rather than talk about contemporary politics!

So I won’t be writing anything here for a week. I might have a nice picture or two of some nice places though. One of our regular trips is to the small river that goes 200 feet through a cavern and we hike up there, swim and inner tube through it and then have a brunch of crepes and strawberries.

It’ll be a nice break. In the last two days I have finally and completely finished the gutters, repaired a huge break in our water main (our side of the meter, so our responsibility) that created an artificial spring in our front yard overnight, completed a fair amount of the freelance consulting work I am doing (not enough to replace a real job though), packed for this trip, fixed the pool, etc.etc.

See you in a week and a day.

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