Hot off the grill

The next IMBB event is coming up next Sunday the 18th and it is one of my favorite activities of all time, grilling, so I am going to have to come up with some special dishes and specialties. naturally I will include my infamous grilled bread that will soon be sweeping the nation and the world as people discover how easy and how good it is!

But I have already made that many times before. I think a grilled lamb dish and a vegetable dish are in order and I may even try to manage something I have never done before – a grilled dessert.

Obviously I am back from vacation. We had a swim meet Sunday – for Amelia only – and it was a pentathlon (all five events – fly, back, breast, free and IM) and you total the times. Amelia came third overall in her age group!

Then today the downstairs toilet clogged up finally and for good, so I got to spend the day basically covered in sewage disassembling it so I could get to the sewer line into the floor and clear out the three foot length of root that was blocking it and then wash everything including myself down with bleach and then put it all back together again and then wash with bleach a second time and then tidy up and then take a long shower. Ugh! But the job is done…

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