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Things around here have been very, very quiet for a while (or at least slow) because I have been up to my neck in three other simultaneous projects that are taking all my computer and creative time. Two won’t interest you all that much since they are 1) my job search for a new full time position and 2) my freelance and consulting work to help keep me and my family alive. Those two are progressing 1) poorly and 2) better but without enough volume.

So what about project #3? This one I hope you will be interested in. I am in the process of setting up a small, very independent and very alternative publishing company, ‘Press For Change.’ (Warning – empty site for now). Still not very interesting?

Well, our first project is going to be a book about food, a book about food weblogging to be specific. The plan is that it will be out in November in time for Christmas. We’ll see…

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