Finally…a post about food!

OK, so I have not actually written anything directly about food in a little while. See that little subhead/disclaimer/description up at the top of the page under the title? I never said it was ALL about the food…

But here is a little of what I have been making – no real recipes yet – none of the dishes were finished enough to count. Last night’s supper came about from the need to keep working at the burgers to make them better. So I made them again (see original post). This time with some breadcrumbs to even the texture and try to hold them together better. A few more herbs. Some applewood smoke essence. They came out great again but not really any better than the first time. We had gnocchi with tomato, basil and olive oil with them, but these were store-bought gnocchi. You’ll have to wait for IMBB #7, the dumpling edition, to find out about my home-made gnocchi. I also quick stir fried some summer squash straight out of the organic box from our CSA, Terra Firma Farms.

I also made a decent curry the other night but attempting to recreate it would defy possibility since I used some left over basil and cilantro salsa, some kashmiri masala paste, a curry simmer sauce in a jar, fresh ginger, onion, chicken and I don’t recall what else. But it was decent – very decent.

Another reason for not so much cooking is simply that produce is spinning out of control. We have tomatoes, tomatillas, basil, jalapeno peppers, eggplant, squash, apples, strawberries, beans and arugula from our own yard (not in very large quantities fortunately) as well as our organic box. I just ate a slice of delicious melon from the box for example. Anyway, a lot of these things lend themselves to not a lot of cooking. A favorite around here is tomato, basil, mozzarella salad which barely involves adding to the raw ingredients.

The basil and cilantro salsa is another example. We have so much basil that I have to try adding it to everything, so when I made salsa I added half cilantro (that would be one bunch) and half basil (that would be about half a bunch – basil bunches are larger) and it was good.

So, you see, I have been cooking. Sort of.

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