Other great food blogs – or not

Well, I started to enter in the 50 or so other food sites I read moderately frequently. I was using Blogrolling (a service) as a tool but it has stopped working. I have asked them about it, but if nothing happens I will have to go back to maintaining it by hand – ugh! So until that is all resolved – no other great food blogs for now.

I am still considering about the weekend’s great IMBB ‘cooking with alcohol’ event. It looks like I will not be able to do the beer brewing as planned because I planned to do it as a community event and I can’t quite get everyone together in time. I am making a grilled leg of lamb marinated in red wine, garlic and rosemary. I’ll try to make a dessert of some kind – maybe with whiskey and apples. Well – you’ll find out on Sunday…

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