Exhaustion and Terrines and Progressive Dinner Parties

How’s that for a multi-subject post!

Let’s do the terrines first. Derrick of An Obsession With Food is hosting the next IMBB event. The subject is terrines. I have never actually made a terrine before unless one thinks that a nutloaf qualifies. While it was a superlative nutloaf (shiitake and portobello mushroom with parsnips and hazlenuts) and technically it fits the description, I just don’t think the word nutloaf (aka bane of vegetarians everywhere) can really be acceptable in the same social strata as a terrine (heh – just realized that a strata can also be a terrine – I’m on a roll, I’ve lost my loaf and I’m an addle pate).

Our block is also having a progressive dinner party that same weekend. These are where we have one course at one person’s house, the next at another’s and so on. It’ll probably be over 40 people so it is mostly a potluck kind of affair. Unfortunately, while several of the participants also qualify as progressives in other areas, I’m afraid that many if not most do not. I will get to test a minor hypothesis of mine which is that on the whole more progressive people cook better than more conservative people. Maybe conservatives make better jam?

So why is this rambling aside pertinent? Because I will make my terrine as a contribution to this movable feast. Quite what it will be is up in the air since I said I would contribute an appetizer, main course or dessert dependent on where the need arose. So my terrine will be a surprise this time.

On the subject of IMBB, there is now a wonderful new site devoted to the theme of IMBB and covering news of it and the related Wine Wednesday event and a new sweet Friday event. I can’t give you all the links. I’m too tired. So just go to Is My Blog Burning?, recipes of the people, by the people and for the people to get all the latest news.

By now you have realised that I am rambling more than even I normally do. This is because I am tired – very tired. I am punishing myself by getting up at 5:30 AM three times a week and going to do a swimming workout devised by a master of ancient tortures, also known as a triathlon coach. No, I am NOT going to do a triathlon. I just go for the swimming workout. So far I haven’t lost a single pound. But I am a LOT more tired.

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