Food Blog Power!

Wow! Not content with hosting real live events that draw our community together (IMBB (the first and still foremost), SHF, WBW, Paper Chef, even the tongue-firmly-in-cheek EoMEoTE) we now have also taken action (well – we in this case is Kate from the Accidental Hedonist) to start the first (hopefully annual) food blog awards. Way to go food blogging community! If you don’t know about any of these events please go check them out and be sure to vote in the food blog awards!

This is NOT a plug for me – my blog was intended for and still really is intended as a way for me to keep some kind of track of my free-wheeling, free-form cooking style where I never measure or keep track of ingredients or bother very much with recipes except for concepts and ideas. I cannot promise to ever recreate a dish exactly ever again – even WITH the record in the blog!

I am especially excited about all this since the first book from my nascent publishing company is going to be a compilation of the best food blog writing I could get together from between Summer 2003 and 2004. It will be called Digital Dish and is coming out from Press For Change Publishing sometime in January. So, the more interest and excitement within the food blog community the better as far as I am concerned.

Time for me to go vote…

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