We have a winner! (Or three)

Paper Chef January 2005

We have a winner (or three). Ronald of Is My Blog Burning and Love Sicily wanted to give three awards, so here they are…

I could go on and on about how wonderful they all were, what a great work they all did, how it was very difficult to choose because each one had something special – (and I just did go on and on).

So on to the results – I have three awards. One is the real one – the other two are ones that I just made up.

So the “Most Chaotic Way to Arrive at a Good Recipe Award” goes to Baking Beast.

The “Most Honest Recipe But I Still Cannot Believe That Someone Would Cook Chicken In the Microwave- For God’s Sake, Let’ s Be Serious People Award!” – goes to your brother (James).

Finally, the “Paper Chef” award goes to the Domestic Goddess. The recipe was fantastic, she used all the ingredients together in an imaginative way, and I really, really, would like to taste that.

So, Jennifer gets to put the nice shiny award logo on her site (or not – she has a lot better design skills than we do here at Tomatilla!)

Paper Chef Winner icon Jan 2005

Thank you all very much for participating. All the very wonderful entries are here in case you can’t find them some other way. The Paper Chef for February 2005 will start on the first Friday, which is February 4th. Look for the official ingredient list at Noon PST.

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