Paper Chef February 2005 Is Open!

Paper Chef February 2005 Edition Is Open!

February 2005 Paper Chef copyright 2005 Owen Linderholm

For February 2005, the final ingredients are:

1)Wheat flour – if you are allergic or have gluten issues then by all means substitute something vaguely similar.

2)Cinnamon – I see a trend forming…..

3)Creme Fraiche – OK – this might be a little specialized. Past experience tells me that sour cream will substitute fine.[[UPDATE! Sam over at Becks ‘n’ Posh, who nominated the ingredient, disagrees with my original substitution suggestion involving sour cream and a little sugar and milk and prefers plain ol’ sour cream with no mixatives. I bow to her superior knowledge. I have seen recipes for creme fraiche that involve taking the thickest heavyest cream you can get and adding a little lemon and/or yoghurt, stirring it in and leaving it for 24 hours to convert the cream.

4)Oranges – I had been wondering about broccoli but I couldn’t do that to you all. Since we have had oranges on the list for a while and we got blood oranges added this time around we will count both, so – any kind of orange will do.

Also, this is the first time I used the abandon rule on the ingredient list. The first three drawn originally were: tamarind, stale bread and chorizo. Yes, I can think of several recipes but there is a definite trend there. The clincher was thinking of the sour tamarind taste with the smoky, salty chorizo. On the other hand, how about a chorizo, and leek bread pudding with a tamarind sauce?

Anyway – bonus points if you can do an additional recipe with the following four: tamarind, chorizo, stale bread and broccoli.

Our judge this time around is Jennifer of Domestic Goddess (winner last month).

Start as soon as you read this – and email a link to your entry about what you cooked before Monday Noon PST.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also some kind of prize. In this case it will be a free copy of “Digital Dish” – a compilation of the best food blog writing of the past year or so. The book will be published by Press For Change Publishing, the publishing company I am starting. You will start to see more details about the book online in the next month or so. The winner will have to wait until the end of the month (or maybe February – OK – maybe March – but it IS coming) to receive their prize, however.

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