Paper Chef Preliminaries

We have some basics to get through before the event starts at noon PST (it is now 8:21 AM). First, here is the final ingredients list from which we will pick three ingredients in an hour or so…

anchovies, cinnamon, smoked paprika, oranges, wheat flour, chorizo, goat cheese, stale bread, yeast, tamarind, eggplant, lamb, blood oranges (more specific than oranges), chipotle en adobo, olive oil, creme fraiche, cucumber and potato skins (skirting around the ban on potatoes), chocolate and mustard! You’re all getting very creative! I know someone is just hoping we get somthing along the lines of stale bread, chocolate, mustard and anchovies!

The full rules follow in the rest of the post – so click on the ‘Read full post’ link below…

Semi-Official Paper Chef Rules

On the first Friday of every month at some point prior to Noon PST, I will announce a list of four ingredients that must be used, along with any other ingredients you choose, to make a dish and then write about it by Noon PST on Monday, 72 hours later. Then send an email giving the link to your post to [email protected]. If you don’t have a blog one to host recipes can be found for you…

An impartial guest judge will pick the recipe that sounds/seems best to them and the winner will be awarded the “Paper Chef” title for that month along with a meaningless prize of no intrinsic value that I will donate. You also get to display the prestigious winner icon on your site. Anyone who wants to is welcome to submit ingredient ideas and all suitable ones will go onto a list. Three of the ingredients will be randomly picked from the list and the fourth will be seasonal or trendy or in the news in some way. If the list of four is totally unsuitable (maraschino cherries, english mustard, liver and suet) then we will redraw randomly until it is conceivable to cook different kinds of dishes with all four ingredients.

Other administrative bits

Ingredient suggestions go to the Paper Chef forum on Is My Blog Burning up to midnight the day before the event. Ingredients that are NOT selected will be rolled over for a month and then removed. Anyone at all can suggest one ingredient – not more. Suggestions that are not realistic or are in bad taste in the estimation of the powers that be (me for the moment) will be ignored.

No sign up is necessary to take part. Just send an email to [email protected] before Noon PST on the Monday to point to your entry.

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