Why are food blogs suddenly so popular?

Recently there has been a rash of publicity about food blogs. I won’t tell you all all about it – just go to a few other food blogs and you’ll start seeing signs of it. But why? I don’t know the whole answer, but here I think are some contributing factors:

First, there has been huge growth in the number of food blogs. Since I am in the process of getting a book off to the printers that is made up of contributions from food bloggers, I track them pretty extensively. I have a special list of blogs that I want to invite to participate in books like this and when I sent out requests for participation to the first book late last Summer, I sent them to about 40 blogs (there are 24 in the final book). That list is now up to 190 blogs and I know I am falling far, far behind.

Second, there has been a growth in interest in blogging in general – eg the AP making blogs the news event of the year.

But there is another more important ingredient. I read a lot of other blogs and I realised that for the most part the blogs I read, especially the food ones, do something that the average blog doesn’t do. That something is that they regularly contribute unique, original content, whether it is recipes, restaurant reviews, commentary or whatever, the amount of original content on food blogs is incredible. In contrast, most general blogs and even special purpose blogs, provide some commentary on something else they have found on the internet rather than by providing something new in and of itself. A link to an amusing satirical flash movie provides about 2 minutes of mild entertainment. A recipe for Crawfish Pie (to use an example from three minutes ago) is something that will provide a lifetime of lasting pleasure (during those periods when I can get my hands on some crawfish…)

So, I’m glad I decided all those (two) years ago to start tracking my recipes in a blog. It turned out that I was only one among thousands and that along the way I would make new friends, start a fascinating new project and have a huge amount of fun. Thank you all…

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