Mais…mais, c’est ecrivee en Francais n’est ce pas?

Not this post, but the second edition of Blog appetit. The subject this time is lamb and fresh peas (agneau et petits pois). There are already 26 lovely-looking recipes up with more to come, plus the Blog appetit surprise twist of having a real Michelin-starred chef also make a dish. This time around it is Thierry Marx of Chateau Cordeillan Bages, Relais and Chateau de Pauillac en Gironde. And he whips up a lovely Carre d’agneau Domingo Reyes poele et sa mousse de petits pois, croustillant au parmesan (which I think is a Rack of Domingo Reyes lamb with petits pois mousse and parmesan crusts).

It is clear that the world of French food blogs is exploding. Maybe with this example and the IMBB phenomenon, Italian food blogs will also now take off.

I also wish my French were better…

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