Party Planning

Whew! It’s a maelstrom of planning and publicity and ideas and shipping and on and on – and that’s just the day job!

No, seriously, there has been a LOT of planning going on for this weekend’s events

[[aside for those who haven’t been here before or are not paying attention

Digital Dish (look over to the top left) is out and we are having a party.

On Saturday May 21st at 11:30AM we will be launching the book and talking about food blogs and then signing the book at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market in Berkeley, CA at the corner of Center Ave and M. L. King Jr. Way, two blocks from Berkeley BART. This will be part of the Farmer’s Market’s Annual Strawberry Tasting.

The second launch event is at the Lafayette Bookstore at 3795 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA and that is two blocks from the Lafayette BART station. This will be on Sunday May 22nd at 4PM and will also feature talks and signings from the same four authors plus perhaps some cooking demonstrations and tastings!]]

So scratch that last item on the planning list. It turns out that we can’t prepare food even to give away in public without doing it in a certified kitchen. I had been planning on making some kind of flavored biscuits in a convection oven. I say some kind because I was going to challenge the audience to give me three ingredients and try to make something of them with what else I had brought. But now I can’t except as a ‘demonstration’ which I may do anyway. So something along the lines of green garlic and arugula (rocket) biscuits. Then because of the strawberry theme I was going to make a simple dish of strawberries sliced and marinated in meyer lemon juice and maple syrup (strawberries and meyer lemons from the Farmer’s Market of course) accompanied by a creamy/yoghurty thing with freshly ground cardamom and honey (as many items as possible from the market) and garnished with mint.

Oh well…let’s see if I can run my mouth for three hours instead. Wait, that’s not a challenge at all – plus Dr. Biggles, Ellen and Stephanie seem perfectly capable of holding down their end of a food blogging filibuster (maybe that’s what the Senate should be discussing in the coming week?)

The weather is supposed to be good so I am really hoping for a great turnout.

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