Digital Dish Is Here!

By now you must have noticed the big Digital Dish image on the top left of Tomatilla. Many of you have even clicked on it and know what it is. For those of you that haven’t, now is the time to find out.

Digital Dish copyright 2005 Press For Change Publishing LLC

Digital Dish copyright 2005 Press For Change Publishing LLC

Press For Change Publishing is the name of the company I set up and it intends to be different from other publishers. We really want author participation and we want authors to do well out of our books. We are paying better royalties than the industry standard and we are finding creative ways to get authors involved.

For example, the four authors in the Bay Area are going to take part in two novel book launch events. On Saturday May 21st at 11:30AM we will be launching the book and talking about food blogs and then signing the book at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market in Berkeley, CA at the corner of Center Ave and M. L. King Jr. Way, two blocks from Berkeley BART. This will be part of the Farmer’s Market’s Annual Strawberry Tasting.

The second launch event is at the Lafayette Bookstore at 3795 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA and that is two blocks from the Lafayette BART station. This will be on Sunday May 22nd at 4PM and will also feature talks and signings from the same four authors plus perhaps some cooking demonstrations and tastings!

So, apart from these events, why the hoopla? The books arrived a couple of days ago from the printer. All 3000 pounds of them…

Digital Dish copyright 2005 Press For Change Publishing LLC

If you can make it, PLEASE come to the launch and tell all your friends to come too. Both events should be great fun and you’ll get to meet lots of (other) food bloggers and check the book out firsthand for yourself.

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  1. Hi Owen,

    This is very impressive. Would you mind if I introduce this book at my blog? Many thanks. ~someintime.

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