The Launch: Day Two – The Lafayette Bookstore

That was a really nice launch. Even hotter than yesterday and it was pretty hot in the store. Maybe hot tea was a mistake. The other local authors, Stephanie, Ellen and Guy all showed up early and Dave, the store owner got a space set out with chairs. Once enough people arrived we got started and I’m afraid I rambled on rather too much. I served some cheese bite things I made and made some real English Tea, which was perhaps a mistake. The readings and discussion about how everyone came to blog went really well and we sold a fair number of books and lots of people wanted signatures. I was so busy with the event that I actually forgot to take pictures, so I really hope the others took some!

It was another great event and we really did have a good and interested crowd. Dave was fantastic as always – he’s a great bookseller and the Lafayette Bookstore is a great place to buy books from. There are over 200 book clubs that run out of the store!

I did get lots of confirmation that the book is really worthwhile. People liked the readings. People liked the idea. So, if you haven’t bought a copy already get to it! Click on the book cover to the top left.

There will be more events and activities coming up. Stay tuned!

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