Preview: The Launch Day Two – The Lafayette Bookstore

After yesterday’s wonderful day out at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market, we are going to be at the Lafayette Bookstore in Lafayette California at 4PM sharp today. We also got a wonderful boost from the even more wonderful people at Blogger who wrote us up in Blogger Buzz. The write up is a work of art and I particularly liked the ‘cloud’ of all our member bloggers at the bottom. He also has a nice Google map to the bookstore!

I’m going to let you in a little on what we plan for today. We will be doing readings from the book, book signing (four of the authors will be there) and some simple, practical and totally delicious cooking demonstrations. I plan to serve REAL english tea and some kind of accompanying snack – which I admit I will make beforehand. We probably won’t be doing performance demonstrations like the strawberry, smoked chipotle and mint salsa of yesterday. (Scroll down to see the whole thing).

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