Adding more to the 50 things

If you scroll down a little you will come to the entry about the 50 things every real foodie should do at least once in their life. The original list was a bit pretentious and required a lot of money, so I decided to solicit the food blog communities help in making an even better list that was also very much attainable by everyone. We reached 43 and stuck. I can add more myself by I was shooting for wide participation. However, in the interests of re-kickstarting the discussion, here are a few suggestions:

Cook over an open fire – that means a wood fire with no pots and no gas.
Invent a mixed drink
Make dinner for more people than you are reasonably comfortable with – for a professional chef that might be several hundred. For me I went over the top the day I cooked for thirty.
Learn to sharpen a knife properly so it stays sharp longer and cuts anything cleanly.
Teach a non-cooking friend a basic foundation dish they can cook forever.

OK, come on all of you, let’s have some more…

3 responses to “Adding more to the 50 things

  1. Eat something you’ve made fun of in the past… If you’re into haute cuisine, eat some “peasant” food, be it macaroni and cheese, cornbread and beans, or an honest hamburger! If you’re a meat and potatoes eater, try some new vegetable you’ve never seen before or meat prepared in some new way.

  2. Visit a Farm! Learn how we get our foodproducts.

  3. the pragmatic chefâ„¢

    Attempt all five mother sauces.

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