Final Ingredient List for Paper Chef #8 – The Holiday Edition

The current ingredient list is:
Red wine, cream, cheddar cheese, quinoa, butter, asparagus, cured, aged ham (country not city), lemongrass, spinach, vinegar, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, dried chillies, sausage, dried fruit, olives, berries, regular potatoes, eggplant, summer squash, edible flowers, star anise and shrimp.

Sometime in the next few hours I will perform the exotic and technical procedure that picks the final four ingredients. Three from the list above and one ‘seasonal’ one that I get to choose. Let’s see – we have lots of sporting things for inspiration – tennis, tour de france, baseball, rugby tours, cricket matches, etc..

Then there is July 4th – but that is a bit US-centric. There is of course the glory of Summer – unless you live in the antipodes in which case we are talking deep, deep, deep midwinter, frosty wind does blow…

In the news we have Afghanistan, climate change, Iraq, budget crises, the G8 summit, Live8, supreme court justice crises, etc.

So many options…more in a couple of hours.

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