Official start to Paper Chef #8 Holiday Edition (cheddar cheese, olives, spinach and a choice)

For this special holiday edition of the Paper Chef (there must be a holiday of some kind happening near this time no matter WHERE you are) the final ingredients are:

1)Cheddar cheese – any kind but I would recommend avoiding the rubbery mild American kinds and also avoid Keen’s or Montgomery from Neal’s Yard Dairy because cooking with them is a crime.

2)Olives – lots of room for interpretation here…

3)Spinach – pretty straightforward so far…

and 4) The special ‘topical or seasonal’ ingredient. Since this is the holiday edition, what is more appropriate than a gift? The gift of a choice. You may choose ONE of cream or potatoes as your fourth ingredient, but NOT both!

And. of course, as usual, any other ingredients you care to use – but you MUST use the four above.

Our judge this time is Sarah of The Delicious Life.

You may start as soon as you read this – but this time you get a second gift – the gift of time. I’m on vacation next week and so can’t do my roundup until I get back. So you get until Monday July 11th at Noon PST to devise your recipe, cook your dish and write it up! Then email a link to your entry to the email that is now listed at the top right on my blog. Spectacular whining, preferably with stupendously creative excuses left in the comments area, might normally get you an extended deadline but not this time.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also gets to judge next month (if they want). Have fun!


  1. I finally found some olives after much arm waving and sign langauge at the several local oriental stores. It turned out fermented black olives are used by Thais even though the fruit grow in China. I was barking up the wrong tree at the Indian and Indonesian stores! I also picked up some dried candied olives which I have no idea how to use :)So it’s fun and games for someone who doesn’t cook well.

    I want to try fusion again this time, properly instead of “fusing” the balsamic reduction on my cast iron pan like the last attempt! I hope it’s OK to use bean curd instead of cheddar cheese, although I have decided to have a cheese board with the remains.

    I hope someone comes up with good a spinach and cheese pasta. Love Italian.

  2. Hooray, I made it to the end with
    Wasabi spinach ice cream with cashew & cheese wafers, olive & coriander salsa, olive-spinach mandarine lassi shooter

    The dish is modern Australian, with a fusion of English, and Asian flavours borrowed mostly from Japan. Sweet preserved olives are used in the shooter and salsa. The ice cream is savoury and is dressed with fermented black olives.

    I only had a slight fusion hiccup this time with the ice cream refusing to budge from the mould.:)

  3. Stand clear…Paper Chef newbie here! I thought I’d need the extra time for my first go but inspiration struck so I’ve just posted my entry. I’ll email the permalink to you, or you can click my name below in “Posted by…” to see it now. Thanks for dreaming up this great event!

  4. WOW. Great entries!

    My contribution is the absurdly titled Spinach Souffle and Tapanade-Whipped Potato Timbale with Red Olive Relish

    AKA: Vintage Cheddar and Spinach Souffle and Nyon Olive Tapanade-Whipped Potato Timbale On a Potato Galette, Topped with Red Olive Relish, and Garnished with a White Cheddar Frica and Fried Spinach Leaves.

    Which is here at

    and the PHOTO is here at




  5. Whew! Another Paper Chef newbie with an entry. Direct link to our Spinach and Olive Cigars with Cheddar Fondue from my name.

  6. Eeeks I’m late again ! Missed the last Paper Chef event and made a mental note to catch the next, (which obviously got lost somewhere amidst the neurons) BUT, I am going out to the market right now and hope to get a dishy salad out there in time.I have at least three of the main ingredients at hand!!
    P.S. Its daytime and we don’t have 24 hour grocers here.

  7. Not late yet! You have until Monday Noon PST (about another 30 hours now) plus we don’t care if you are late – that’s just fashionable…

  8. woo hoo! so many drool-icious sounding recipes so far 🙂

    and i have one too! i know, i know, i am judging this month, but i just couldn’t resist making something anyway 😉 owen’s event is my favorite one out there!

    i’ll be posting it later, but for some reason, blogger isn’t letting me post any pictures. *foiled!* (but only for now)

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