Holiday Version of The Paper Chef

Since I am on vacation during the week of July 4th, the Paper Chef is going to a very different schedule. In particular since the first Friday of the month is in fact July 1st and since I will not be able to blog at all (I suspect) for the following week, I am going to make this an extended, leisurely Paper Chef. Ingredient nominations are now open and final ingredients will be picked on Friday but you will have until Monday July 11th at noon to post an entry. Ten days, not three. As a result, if the ingredients happen to be a bit wild or a bit bizarre, we will go with them anyway.

The current ingredient list is:
Red wine, cream, cheddar cheese, quinoa, butter, asparagus and cured, aged ham (country not city), lemongrass, spinach, vinegar, sweet potatoes and marshmallows.

You cannot nominate eggs, buttermilk, honey or dates. Anything else goes – nominate away!


  1. I nominate:

    Dried Chiles
    1 food stuff from a convenient store – Canned/bottled/jared.
    An item from a neighbors garden without consent.


  2. “An item from a neighbors garden without consent.”


    okay, and seriously now, here is my nomination: sausage

  3. Dr. B – “Item from a neighbor’s garden without consent” – Already done (They have a plum tree)!
    But seriously, Owen, can I nominate dried fruit this time around?
    Maybe with the extended deadline I’ll be able to enter… finally!

  4. An item from a neighbors garden without consent, such that you need to sneak about after the sun has gone down.


  5. how about…edible flowers (in the recipe)? not for garnishing. Well, you could use them for garnishing IF they are in the recipe 🙂

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