Meeting other bloggers at KRON (plus a good use for leftover homemade cookie dough)

Over the weekend I went off to the KRON first ‘blogger meetup’ to promote Digital Dish and hopefully meet other food bloggers. I knew Dr Biggles would be there, but I also got to meet Amy and very briefly Shuna. It was pleasant and all the KRON people expressed polite interest in the book and then probably forgot all about it…

They did make a few food jokes – all about how bloggers didn’t need for them to have put on the sandwich and snack spread that they did. I disagreed privately but kept my rude mouth shut.

I also got to meet Biz Stone and thank him for the nice write-up Blogger Buzz did about the book and gave him a copy, too.

Next day, in a panic for something to bring along to an impromptu al fresco supper, I remembered something I had seen/read somewhere about making a simple fruit cobbler using cookie dough. Well, I had a pile of frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries. I had left over chocolate and orange freezer cookie dough (the kind you make into rolls and freeze and then slice off disks from the frozen roll whenever you want cookies and bake for 15 minutes – made with scharffenberger cocoa and orange zest).

Chocolate-Orange Cookie Berry Cobbler

You’ll need enough cookie dough to approximately cover the bottom and top of your baking dish. Pre heat the oven to 400. Slice off about eight cookies worth of dough and carefully line the bottom of your baking dish (I used a white ceramic oval about six by 12 inches). Put the dish in the oven to bake the bottom cookie layer for ten minutes. In the meantime, put about five cups of frozen berries in a saucepan to heat on the stove and stire from time to time. After ten minutes, take out the dish and pour the berry mixture on top. Now layer another eight cookies worth of dough on top and bake for another fifteen minutes until the cookie layer on top is cooked. We had it with vanilla ice-cream. It is very rich and the dish served 12 adults.

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