Just a quick reminder. You have until tomorrow afternoon to get you entries in for the current Paper Chef. Jennifer is champing at the bit to judge. I know because she has already visited every entrant do far and left comments! Way to go!

I made something this time and if I get the chance I’ll put up a description this morning. I can take photos but not until later. Plus since I can’t enter officially it is just for fun. Here’s what I made: Pork roast marinated in peach and lemon juice, rubbed with ground red chili flakes, ground coriander (from the garden), ground fennel seeds and kosher salt, then crusted with lavender and oregano flowers and fresh sage and smoked/roasted for five hours with the help of green California Pepperwood branches. I also made a peach, lavender, ginger, coriander and red onion chutney to go with it. Only non-local items used were the chili flakes, ginger and maybe the fennel seeds.