Paper Chef Reminder

Just a quick reminder. You have until tomorrow afternoon to get you entries in for the current Paper Chef. Jennifer is champing at the bit to judge. I know because she has already visited every entrant do far and left comments! Way to go!

I made something this time and if I get the chance I’ll put up a description this morning. I can take photos but not until later. Plus since I can’t enter officially it is just for fun. Here’s what I made: Pork roast marinated in peach and lemon juice, rubbed with ground red chili flakes, ground coriander (from the garden), ground fennel seeds and kosher salt, then crusted with lavender and oregano flowers and fresh sage and smoked/roasted for five hours with the help of green California Pepperwood branches. I also made a peach, lavender, ginger, coriander and red onion chutney to go with it. Only non-local items used were the chili flakes, ginger and maybe the fennel seeds.


  1. Ditto that, only, well, not afternoon exactly. I have to run to work and will post when I return. The restaurant calls, alas…

  2. AAAAAAAHhhhhhhg. I will be super late! As in, Wednesday evening. Is that too late? I cant even begin to explain what went wrong, but I hope I can still be included!


  3. Oooh, if late entries are permitted as also-rans, let me know. A family emergency this evening meant no grilled peaches with ricotta and spicy-cinnamon honey glaze….

  4. Here is my late entry. Let me think of an acceptable excuse… I have to wait till dusk to harvet bush ingredients from the local parks to avoid the council rangers ;). The shop owners mistakenly pointed me to the travel agent for holidays in Guangdong on request for quandong (Australian native peach) and left me day dreaming….

    The entry comprises a menu featuring Australian bush seasoning, quandong inspired sauces and ingredients from the backyard:
    Entree: Lemon myrtle sardines with nasturtium salad
    Mains: Lemon gum scented smoked chicken
    Dessert: An elaborate cheese board comprising sparkling Australian native hibiscus shooter, honey poached pear in a quandong inspired reduction, chilli chocolate, and glazed wattleseed figs.
    Coffee: Wattleseed Latte and peppermint tea, recommended with chilli cheese, chilli chocolate and glazed watleseed figs.

  5. Holy s***, you guys. Is all that unusual stuff I’m seeing Australian? Quandong. Lemon myrtle. Wattleseed figs.

  6. woo hoo! i am about to post mine up later this morning….LOL! everyone is late. give ’em a day, they’ll take a week. LOL! 🙂

  7. Well, never fear, I’m late too!

    I have to still post my kind of sort of entry and start doing the roundup. I got back from a business trip last night and things at home were hairy, so let’s just say that I will get a roundup posted tomorrow morning (Thursday) and that I will be working on it tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow morning (Thursday) and if entries happen to come in up to that time I certainly won’t care!

  8. … reposted with corrected link to menu

    Hello cookiecrumb and Mrs d,

    Yes the dishes are Australian. Peaches aren’t in season, which is disappointing since I can’t try out everybody elses recipes. If you remove everything else from the menu, you’ll soon find that all I entered for Paper Chef #9 is a few sauces unlike everybody’s fantastic creations!

    The sauces were design with a red theme in mind: red flowering gum, red gum honey, red hibiscus, red quandong (oh well, the substitute)… I have updated the entry with general recipe instructions. Just hyperlink from the menu page. Bear with me as I’m not much of a writer or cook (don’t be fooled by the “masterchef” qualification, which you can obtain on line from the BBC website!).


  9. What creativity! I especially love the fig, peach, ricotta eggrolls that someone made up. I wanna enter this contest soon! I feel like I’m sitting at a sushi boat restaurant, eyeing the next roll I’m going to pick out but it’s still not traveled quick enough to me!

  10. I may be a week late with an entry and way out of time but I’d have to say that the native Australian entry looks pretty good.

    Having first commercialized all the ingredients once only used by Australian Aborigines, to see the foods popping up in blogs like this and the interest they now generate all over the world (see my own blog for more on this). So how about the following:

    Entree: rare roasted ocean trout crusted with Oz lemon, wild lime confit and garlic on an Alpine pepper dusted mesclun salad
    Main: chicken brushed with paperbark smoke oil stuffed with water chestbut and sweet potato farce scented with Fruit spice served on bush herb linguini
    Dessert: Wattleseed pavlova (my signature dish) with a wild fruit couli

    More info on the ingredients at if you are interested. They are organically grown or wild harvested by Aborigines and contribute to an ecologically sustainable future and a biologically diverse food supply.

  11. Vic, very nice of you to drop by and your suggested menu sounds great! It really is a treat to see native ingredients getting used and exposed to the world. And congratulations on your chowder cook-off placing!

  12. Hey Owen, I notice your weblog has been autographed by the very famous Australian TV personality and bush food expert and pioneer, Vic Cherikoff! I’m very envious :). If Chef Vic (or his partner Chef Ben Christie) puts in an entry next month’s (September) Paper Chef, I’ll have to lift my standards to keep up! :). Perhaps you can invite Chef Vic as guest judge?

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