Sorry about the Delay

In posting the Paper Chef Roundup. I have been extraordinarily busy and for once some of it has been more important than the Paper Chef. I WILL get the roundup posted sometime over the weekend…


  1. For those of us who have been trying to learn for a bit, and those who are new, would you (or someone) please define “Paper Chef,” for once and for all? I’ve asked other food bloggers but they only point to an event.

    Thanks, dude.

  2. hey tana! sounds like owen is busy, so ill do my best to answer for now until he has time to give you the full answer…

    the paper chef IS an event, kind of like the other food blogging events like Is My Blog Burning, Sugar High Friday and Wine Blogging Wednesday.

    However, unlike those events in which participants simply follow a theme, post their entries on their blogs, and a host does a mega post with links to everyone’s entries in one place, the paper chef is a competition, you know, like IRON CHEF, LOL!

    owen is the chairman who announces the secret ingredients on a friday afternoon, and the contestants(anyone can enter) have until monday at noon (sometimes later) to cook something with those ingredients and then write a post on their blogs about it.

    owen rounds up the entries in one mega post here on his blog, and then the judge picks a winner. the judge is usually the paper chef winner from the previous month.

    it’s fun. i love this event 🙂

    hope that helps!

    and by the way, paper chef this time around was over the labor day weekend, and owen sort of incorporated the current events in with the secret ingredients.

    and double-by-the-way, the event deadline was a week ago, and i STILL haven’t put my own entry together, LOL! wanna know why?


    so anyway, i am sure the round up will be up before my butt gets into gear, but i’m still going to try to make something with shrimp, sausage, tomatoes, and beer!!

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