I think I’m going to be a regular at the Oakland Farmer’s Market. I got two pounds of a mysterious asian green that tastes a lot like sorrel. I got six large fresh lemongrass stalks. I got two pounds of fresh basil and a pound of fresh thai basil. I got a bunch of cilantro. I got a quarter of a pound more of the wonderful mustardy peppery cress I got last time. I got three pounds of roma tomatoes. I got a pound and a half of FRESH peanuts (to boil and roast). I got two pounds of another unknown asian green. I got a still-warm crusty crunch baguette. Total cost – $16. I also got two tamales for lunch from the tamale vendor. One traditional wiith pork and tomatillas and one Oaxaca chicken mole wrapped in banana leaves. $4.75 with nine different kinds of free salsa.

Peaches – even organic – were running $1 per pound but I got there too late – what was left was kind of manky.

I’m making some thai food this weekend (the sorrelly green vendor threw in some jalapenos for free) I expect and some pesto and some greens. Have a good weekend everyone!