I haven’t used it all yet. I test roasted some of the peanuts – they take a LOT of roasting in the shell. But the kids liked them.

I made some spicy pesto using one bunch of basil, a head of garlic, an ancho chile, olive oil, parmesan reggiano, breadcrumbs, lemon juice and salt. I used the roma tomatoes up several ways – probably the best was fried in bacon grease for breakfast along with the bacon of course. Next best was cut in halves and roasted int eh oven topped with half a teaspoon of the pesto each and served with mashed potatoes and a salad of the spicy cress made with olive oil and lemon juice and salt.

I used one kind of green and some of the thai basil in making a thai soup with leftover chicken and chicken stock and tofu and red peppers and fish sauce and coconut milk and jalapenos and ginger and two lemongrass stalks – that was pretty good too.

So there it is…the report on what I made! Oh – I forgot – I also made a dip for a party Friday night – basically like the pesto but with more spicy pepper and less garlic and more lemon juice – that was eaten with the nicy crusty baguette I got at the market as well.