Paper Chef Deadline Extension and Prize Reminder

Hi everyone. By popular demand and because I am really swamped at work the deadline for Paper Chef is extended until 9PM PST tonight (or thereabouts).

Also, if you want to get a nice and lovely prize for taking part/winning, email me about that and how it should get to you. Then I’ll provide the talented (and prize-supplying) Noodle Cook with the details…


  1. What a lot of fun! Lots of lively discussion on working out the other side of the world and what amazing feasts, including fancy table setting. That’s just a sticky beak at some entries. I think everyone is having a great time, despite the very tight time frame. Lots of laughs over how everyone tries to appeal to the judges from very subtle hints to very obvious “Pick me as winner” 🙂 Can’t wait for the roundup for the rest of the entries. It’ll be fun for the judges, I am sure.

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