Roundup delay – but just a short one…

Paper Chef afficionados, participants and esteemed judging panel. I hope to get the roundup done tonight but I must face the reality of reality. I may not get it done until tomorrow. Plus looking at the entrants so far I am faced with the grave challenge of at least indicating the level of their wittiness, creativity and originality. That takes time for my slow brain. Let’s just say that we may well have exceeded all previous bounds for producing over the top entries. You all are officially certifiably insane frankly. I mean rice, carrots and anchovies!? (plus the extra ingredient). How do you all jump around from penguins to soft-boiled eggs to towers of food to who knows what else I will find?

So, please return very late tonight or tomorrow for a journey into the culinary unknown…


  1. Don’t forget to allow the the judges time to recover from belly ache resulting from the feasts and the hilarious accounts of where everyone found the fourth ingredient from the other side of the world plus the tactics everyone used to appeal to the judges 🙂

  2. “Certifiably insane” is exactly the phrase my husband used to describe the blatant display of end-of-semester avoidance energy that is my Paper Chef energy. He’ll be most happy to know his assessment has been seconded…and that I am not the only crazy one!

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