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I’m hurt that not one of you so far has elected to receive a copy of Digital Dish in the raffle. Does that mean you are all cheapskates who won’t donate or is it that you prpefer the really good prizes like actual food and actual dinners and even a real live lamb? Whatever – I shall take a leaf out of my daughter’s book and whine until you put Digital Dish down as a prize you want just to shut me up! So there!

In other news – they are even more stuck in that bar in Australia somewhere – apparently they can’t even begin to agree on who should win the grand prize. Four votes all for four different entries. I think it is an excuse to keep getting sloshed myself and by now they should have called in John the maple-syrup-anonymous-tester-extra-judge to break the tie – but we all know that really he’s at the bar with the rest of them…