Pleading, Whining and Just Hurt – Menu For Hope II and Paper Chef Updates

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I’m hurt that not one of you so far has elected to receive a copy of Digital Dish in the raffle. Does that mean you are all cheapskates who won’t donate or is it that you prpefer the really good prizes like actual food and actual dinners and even a real live lamb? Whatever – I shall take a leaf out of my daughter’s book and whine until you put Digital Dish down as a prize you want just to shut me up! So there!

In other news – they are even more stuck in that bar in Australia somewhere – apparently they can’t even begin to agree on who should win the grand prize. Four votes all for four different entries. I think it is an excuse to keep getting sloshed myself and by now they should have called in John the maple-syrup-anonymous-tester-extra-judge to break the tie – but we all know that really he’s at the bar with the rest of them…


  1. Good morning Owen!!! I want the three copies of the Digital Dish 🙂 You will see, I’ll get them!

    The list of gifts/prizes is so long that I guess people get overwhelmed and do not even finish reading it.
    Yesterday after I translated Pim’s original post into Spanish and went back to her blog to let her know—-wow! what a shock, there was another list of prizes that had just arrived 🙂
    Hugs & Happy Holidays from Panama!

  2. Hey Owen, don’t worry, it’s on my list — I’m just waiting for a few more straggler entries to go up (I just put mine up today) before putting in my bid. 🙂

  3. I have two items up for auction, one, a box of chocolates, seems to be quite popular, but the brand new Wusthof Classic paring knife? No one seems to care. People amaze. Shrug. Then again, there is a lot to choose from!

    I hope whoever does bid on the book cherishes it when they do win.



    OH, and those Aussies should just award the prize to the “egg” and be done with it already. LOL.

  4. Thanks Melissa! And how wonderful to translate the list into Spanish!

    Pim – I’ll whine away!

    Thanks Mrs D.

    Rachael – looks like the Aussies staggered out of the pub long enough to START on the judging!

  5. Hi Owen,
    It seems that I won a copy of Digital Dish. See Pim’s list of winners. There I am, Christine Hills, to be awarded a copy of Digital Dish. Please post a comment on my blog so we can connect.

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