Paper Chef Update – Judging Battle Underway

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For those looking for Paper Chef Updates. There is a knockdown, drag-out battle raging between the judges (which I think means they had a tie on a couple of categories and have to reconvene) and they have not yet rendered their verdicts. I believe the place to get the scoop first is the Electric Resturant, home of the Two-Minute Noodle Cook. But since there is a large panel of Australian judges involved, they are probably in fact stuck in a bar somewhere soused on Shiraz and will only come out when they are good and ready!

Actually, they have chosen to make this a very properly run event – more so than even the real Iron Chef and so it just takes some time – helps build anticipation I think. Anyway, as soon as I know, you will too…

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  1. Mate I think you’re pretty right about the bar. Reckon it’s somewhere in the back o’ Burke, which means far from anywhere. They seemed to have aquired some quality booze which could make your estimate of time a bit dodgy.

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