Paper Chef #16 Roundup: Oscar, Olympics, Ovals and more

Paper Chef #15 – the Oscar/Sports/Round Edition was clearly too confusing. Somehow we managed to confuse enough of the Paper Chef faithful that we ended up with only six entries – our lowest number ever apart from Paper Chef #1. On the other hand the quality was at least as high as ever with some truly amazing dishes for Haalo to judge.

Emma at the Laughing Gastronome entered a lovely golden prawn mousse with which she was very happy to use some of the verjuice she’s had for quite some time!

Raspberry Sour over at The Sour Patch had an outbreak of pinkness – not the color kind – and made a dramatic statement with her McCarthy’s Pinko Pie. I particularly liked the pastry hammer and sickle!

Bea at La tartine gourmand provided a glowingly beautiful Festive Timbale complete with Olympic flames, ring molds and lots of French attitude.

The most prolific Paper Chef entrant ever (I think), the Two Minute Noodle Cook, entered with another Olympic theme – also with flame – Chariots of Fire. I particularly liked the burning candlenut.

Surfin’ Dave – surely one of the best names ever – didn’t have his own site so I put his dramatic snack plate up here on Tomatilla!

Jennifer at Taste Everything Once was the very first to enter with a simple but scrumptious Roast Beef Sandwich with Verjus and Shrimp Aioli.

B’gina at Stalking the Waiter entered the hilarious and hilariously titled, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp” which while partially imaginary more than made up for it in drama and hilarity.

Finally, although it can’t be an official entry, last month’s winner, Haalo, entered some fun party nibbles including Oscar Crackers and the Leonardo d’Caprioska!

OK, Haalo, over to you to pick a winner or more than one!


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