More on Paper Chef adjustments

OK – it seems like the majority like the idea of some categories. And it is really flattering to discover that there is a Swedish offshoot of Paper Chef(!)

But I also appreciate Magic Tofu‘s point that we shouldn’t restrict people to a singel category. Plus I have enjoyed especially the Paper Chef’s where judges make an effort to add in new categories. So we are going to end up with two or three mandatory categories and then the option to add more each time.

I’m also going to redo the little badge that I have stopped sending to winners and make the photoshop layer files available so people can update and build their own badge if they want one.

And, heads up, Paper Chef 2.0 will start August 4th 2006!

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  1. Yes I agree, no restrictions to specific participation in categories, you participate and then you might end up as a winner in any of the categories and, if you are lucky, in all of them!

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