It’s time to try to get back into the blog again. Looks like Paper Chef kind of fell through the cracks – we have some entries though so I’ll do a roundup in the next couple of days and ping our last month’s winner to judge the entries and then I’m going to take up the reins with some changes.

It seems like there are several categories of people who like Paper Chef. But there are two main groups. One is the group that likes to challenge itself very seriously to stretch the boundaries in what they do and use a great deal of technical culinary skill to produce some pretty astounding creations. The other (to which I belong) is a little intimidated by the first group and really just wants some creative kickstart for making a different meal.

I was further convinced that this is a common culinary dichotomy when dipping in to Heat by Bill Buford over the weekend (thanks Mum!) and realising that most places you go out for a meal want to serve you a good dinner but the chefs he describes, like Mario Battali, want to create an unforgettable experience. It is like contrasting wanting to have a good, comforting poached egg on toast with wanting to serve an egg poached in white truffle oil in a lacy, crisp, chickpea flour cup with dots of chive oil and a morel sauce.

Both are worthy aims, but most of us live day-to-day in the world of the scrambled egg – let alone the poached egg.

So we are going to have categories in Paper Chef from now on.

The first, to satisfy the wildly competitive of the world will be the ‘haute’ category – competitive, wild, outrageous and very refined all at once. For special occasions.

The second will be the ‘home’ category – something you make for a meal on a working weekday.

And the third will be non-competitive – all may enter and all will win.

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