Last call for ingredient nominations! Paper Chef 20 starts tomorrow!

Paper Chef 20 starts tomorrow. Please try to get entries in by Monday Noon PST – the judge this time, Stephen of Stephen Cooks, (as usual the winner last time) is under severe time pressure – as am I. I will do the roundup and help with judging if Stephen runs out of time. However, this is a relaxed event as always. See the new (very slightly modified) rules here.

I also want to acknowledge and give thanks publicly to Kevin at Seriously Good who held the whole Paper Chef event together when I had no time. He is a wonderful person, great food blogger and now has an impressive personal chef business. Please go check it out and send some business his way if you know anyone looking.

Current ingredient list is:

A spiky plant like cactus (nopales!) or nettles
Dragon Fruit
Andouille sausage
Sun-dried tomatoes
black fermented soy beans
Peanut butter
Apple cider
Something you or a friend grew
White wine
Sour cream
Ramen Noodles
A newly (re)discovered herb like purslane or Mexican Pipiche
Edible flowers

So, more nominations please!

I will announce the three random and one topical ingredient tomorrow at around Noon PST

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  1. I hope you saw my latest nomination for soda pop 😉

    If you didn’t, well…

    I nominate Soda Pop, any kind, any kind at all. Hehe

  2. I’d like to nominate frogs! (frog legs that is…) They are more widely available than you might think… they are generally easy to find in Asian grocery stores or in a pond.

  3. Coconut milk.

    I’m a newbie to this – is there a list of ingredients you’ve already used that I should avoid nominating?

    Cool idea.

  4. Bookman – You can nominate ANYTHING – we just don’t use the ingredients that were used last month. Other than that anything is game. I am closing nominations right now (10AM PST) so I can put the kick off posting together but I got your coconut milk, Chopper D’s soda pop and magic tofu’s frogs (although I really don’t advocate hunting your own frogs – they are in decline)

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