Paper Chef 20 Starts Now!

The final ingredient list was:

Coffee, A spiky plant like cactus (nopales!) or nettles, Guava, Dragon Fruit, Turmeric, Andouille sausage, Berries, Eggs, Cherries, Vinegar, Sun-dried tomatoes, black fermented soy beans, Giblets, Peanut butter, Apple cider, Daikon, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Crab, Pork, Something you or a friend grew, White wine, Sour cream, Peaches, Cheddar, Mushroom, Ramen Noodles, A newly (re)discovered herb like purslane or Mexican Pipiche, Edible flowers, Vermouth, soda pop (any kind), frog (legs), and coconut milk.

And the three randomly chosen ingredients are a relatively straightforward and benign:

1. Cherries – dried, canned, preserved etc. all OK – and in a pinch any stone fruit except that…..
2. Peaches – as above….
3. Any newly (re)discovered herb like Purslane et al. – here I am going to interpret this to be any herb that is new to you. You could even go to the market and choose the fist thing you see that you have never used. Can be dried or fresh.

and the fourth topical ingredient?

4. In honor of global warming and heatwaves worldwide: something hot – spicy hot that is!

As usual, the rules such as they are mena that you should use the above four ingredients and any additional things you want as well. So I immediately can see meat dishes, desserts, salads, sauces and lots more. Cook somehting you devise using the ingredients and write it up on your blog – that’s it.

Also as usual – feel free to substitute – just be prepared to justify your substitution, however lamely, in your write up. We are usually pretty lax about the deadlines but in this case our judge, Stephen, has asked that we be ready as soon as we can since he is under time pressure. If you are late then I’ll go around and do a catch-all roundup and commentary to make sure you are included.

Full rules and regulations here.

The event starts now and please do your best to get a post up by Monday. Put a comment here with a link so we know about the entry. If you don’t have a blog let me know and I’ll put the entry up here. Technorati savvy people can tag with ‘paperchef20’.

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