As promised, here is the first of several quick Paper Chef retrospectives.

The very first Paper Chef was way back in 2004 – December 2004, but 2004 all the same. The first set of ingredients was:

Cilantro, Ginger, Almonds and Winter squash. I have lost comments from that time since I used an external commenting system but switched to Blogger’s own when it became available.

The first event only had three entries besides myself who doesn’t count. They were from a great trio: Sam at Becks ‘n’ Posh, Carolyn at 18thC Cuisine (still the blog for which I have most respect in terms of taking a great concept and sticking with it) and Viv at Seattle Bon Vivant (which has gone sadly quiet this summer). Viv eventually got the deciding nod from Alberto at Il Forno.

The second Paper Chef in January 2005 was a big step up from the first. We had the first of several entries from non-bloggers – this one from my brother. And – take note all ye who are worried about entering. My brother COOKED HIS DISH IN THE MICROWAVE! Ingredients were potatoes, savoy cabbage, chicken and lemon – a very straightforward combo.

We got 11 entrants! Including the first of very very many from Kevin, and from Daffy – a perennial entrant in the early days. Since we had not yet evolved to the current win one-judge one rules, Viv entered again. And the winner this time around was Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess.

By the third incarnation of the Paper Chef we wer moving on toward the eventual judging rules and the ingredient nomination rules had proved a success. Ingrdients this time were wheat flour, cinnamon, creme fraiche and oranges. Note that in the early days people were a little more staid in their nominations… We got 12 entries. (11 plus 1). And Sam won this time around.

By the way I deliberately left it clicky to find out who entered and who won – it’s supposed to be participatory….

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