Looking back – a Tomatilla! retrospective part one.

Since it has been four years since I started Tomatilla! and it has even been three years since I started writing in earnest, here’s a quick look back presented in several stages. The first post was on July 16th, 2002 and was about one of my favorite topics: roast chicken.

Then nothing happens until the middle of 2003 when I finally get going on what was my stock-in-trade for about a year – very rapid posts about what I cooked just as a reminder of things that worked really well. Here’s an example.

And finally, we move on to one of my actually slightly interesting posts: the most totally awesome grilled tomatoes

Upcoming retrospectives will cover tarka dahl and the Paper Chef and Lemon Cake and rice cooker risotto and baked fried chicken (which I made again last week and which was as good as ever).

One response to “Looking back – a Tomatilla! retrospective part one.

  1. Veggie Friendly

    Wow Owen. Congratulations on reaching the four year mark. Looking forward to the Paper Chef Greatest Hits edition.

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