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Now that I have managed to crowbar a tiny smidgen of time free for Tomatilla! again, I thought I’d try to make sure I got some of my little list of projects done by setting them down here as plans and then maybe I’ll manage to do them.

First and foremost, the next Paper Chef starts in a couple of weeks on September 1st.

Next up after that is a comparison of La Cense grass-fed free range beef that the ranchers claim has a unique taste – along the lines of a terroir for beef – that we are going to compare directly to a local grass-fed range beef from Holding Angus – which we already know is really good. La Cense has been sending food bloggers test packages by mail and is hoping we write about it. I am keeping an open mind but was very impressed with their packing and shipping procedures. I realised that the beef was going to arrive on one of the 116-degree days we had recently. I knew it was likely nobody would be home. They weren’t, but the beef was packed in styrofoam along with dry ice and was still frozen when we got to it a few hours later. Incidentally, the local beef is also sold frozen.

And finally, I have promised myself that I would do two quick retrospectives. The first is a quick look back over the first 20 Paper Chef’s with highlights. The second is a look back at my favorite posts of the past four years since I passed that milestone a few months back without noticing.

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