OK – we are going to give it a shot…but because I have been late we are going to alter the rules a little.

Paper Chef will start officially TOMORROW sometime in the morning – so that you can get a quick ingredient nomination in if you can. And it will run all week – so this week you get a full seven days to come up with and make your dish and post about it. Entries will be due a week from Monday – on October 16th.

Current ingredient list is:

Peanut butter, Apple cider, Daikon, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Crab, Pork, Something you or a friend grew, White wine, Sour cream, Cheddar, Mushroom, Ramen Noodles, Edible flowers, Vermouth, soda pop (any kind), frog (legs), coconut milk, wattleseed, broad/fava beans, and barberries.

So get your nominations in!

And I am going to try to take part this time – just for fun. I haven’t checked in with last month’s winner, Carolyn, but I am hoping she will judge. Although we had a small number of entries last time (who knew so many people were afraid of giblets? Anthony Bourdain and Fergus Henderson would not be happy) they were all very very good.