Back in business – no thanks to Blogger

I’m back! Although I am concerned about the fact that every publish is now accompanied by a laundry list of publishing errors – despite that the blog seems to be OK.

The problem – unknown. I had narrowed it down to an issue with ftp to an external host and today I just reset the ftp process within blogger from the beginning – entering as if new some incorrect details and then re-entering exactly the same details as they had been. Now it worked – although still kicking out exactly the same errors as before – the difference being that the actual blog seems to be correct – although it will take some time to be sure.

I may well yet be switching to WordPress!

More importantly – I can now do the Paper Chef roundup and judging and catch up on about a month of backlog!


  1. I do feel for you and I think I’m going to switch to wordpress in the near future myself, although people are starting to give good reports on the new blogger. I’m still suspicious, and I recently did a WHB recap with photos and arghhh, it was impossible to get them lined up correctly in blogger.

  2. Yikes. Sorry to hear your considering WP. Before you make that switch, I would spend some time with the software and see what you think. I co-author a blog that uses WP and found it maddening to say the least. I’m no programmer, but what it looked like to me is that they attempted to dumb down html and make it easier for folks. Which is nice, I suppose, but getting images to go where I want along with text formatting was nearly impossible. Yes yes, I know there are tons of great WP sites out there. All I’m comparing is my use of MT for the last 3.5 years, 8 months with Typepad and a few bouts with WP.

    Choose wisely Luke.


  3. Dr B – thanks for the word to the wizse. The issue I have is that it has to be hosted by me and absolutely free – that removes many systems. Plus I actually know WP – I use it in my day job extensively – and finally I have learned enough of that CSS stuff that I think I can control it all – but if I could afford typepad that’s where I’d probably go

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