OK – time for the revelation – what IS this month’s Paper Chef challenge?

Here are the nominated ingredients: Crab, Pork, Something you or a friend grew, White wine, Sour cream, Cheddar, Mushroom, Ramen Noodles, Edible flowers, Vermouth, soda pop (any kind), frog (legs), coconut milk, wattleseed, broad/fava beans, ground meat (any kind), pomegranate, beef, lentils, ginger, maple syrup, apples, mace, something wild, cranberries, ginger, chestnuts, sparkling drink, whipped egg whites.

And….the results are:

Ingredient 1: Vermouth (which we are going to reinterpret as any fortified wine or herb-influenced liquor for those who can’t manage vermouth)
Ingredient 2: Cranberries
Ingredient 3: Sparkling drink (of any kind)
Ingredient 4: Something wild

And we have a theme of celebration!

I can see drinks, cocktails, desserts and interesting dishes with these ingredients. Also remember that we are open to free interpretation – something wild could be wild as in not tame or wild as in crazy!

For full rules, see the rules.

You have until next Monday at noon – December 11th – to make something using these and any other ingredients, then post about it at your blog, then leave a message in comments here linking to your entry (or email me). Remember to suggest that you be considered for ‘haute’ or ‘home’…and have fun!