Paper Chef 23 Results

Thanks to my outage/hiatus from blogging due to issues with moving over to the new Blogger, I have grown rusty. So forgive me, please for being creaky and slow about updating you all on Paper Chef 23, the celebration edition.

Making judgements and decisions this time was extremely difficult despite a low number of entries because the quality of the entries was so high.

We had Brilynn’s fantastic menu in which I particularly liked the wild cherry gin fizz and the venison chops. Then we had Culinary Bookworm’s Savannah Cake (via Aunt Em) that looks sumptuous and very original. Then we had Noodle Cook’s menu from which I particularly liked the pickled pork with cranberry jelly and apple granita and finally Chopper Dave’s meal which all sounded lovely but from which I particularly liked the sound of the apple champagne gelee, and cranberry gelee parfait with sweet vermouth caramel.

What to do?

Plus I ahve two categories – and although not everyone put entries into categories and I didn’t always agree with the categories chosen. So I split them up as Brilynn and Culinary Bookworm as home entries and Noodle Cook and Chopper Dave as haute entries.

So for the home category: Brilynn gets credit for a full menu and for great descriptions but loses points for not quite managing a single dish with all the ingredients. Culinary Bookworm gets credit for all the ingredients in one recipe and for a great story. And the winner is….OK this one is tough….Brilynn… mostly because of the huge amount of effort.

Now for the haute category: Noodle Cook gets credit for vast amounts of creativity and energy and work – unfortunately for Noodle Cook, however, I know a secret – this is NORMAL for Noodle Cook! I particularly liked and always have liked Noodle Cook’s efforts to use native Australian ingredients and I liked his efforts to save money for the purpose of charitable giving. I also liked the story of the meltdown and the Shanghai inspiration. Belly Timber get points for persevering under very tough conditions. They also get points (even though this is not my personal strong suit) for high quality photography. I loved the dessert the most even though I bet wild local salmon poached in butter was truly awesome. This one is REALLY hard to decide. I would really love to see both Noodle Cook and Chopper Dave on the TV show Top Chef. I bet they’d be stellar. I have to pick a winner though…this time it is going to be…Belly Timber.


  1. Yay! Thank you! And congrats to Brilynn, too!

    You know, I’d love to see Dave & Noodle on Top Chef, but only if they could both win, and in the process gang up and smack some non-foamy sense into that little punk, Marcel. Heh. 🙂

  2. Hi Owen, any chance of Paper Chef coming back this month (or next)?? I know I haven’t participated much of late (with my time constraints at the moment, the ingredients are often beyond my limits), but I keep hoping to participate. It’s one of my favourite events!

    Cheers, RS

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