Paper Chef!!!!!!! The 24th Edition

Because most of you will miss this and the rest will fall off your chairs and hit you heads and suffer short term memory loss, I’m giving a little extra notice. Paper Chef 24 (our 2 year anniversary – or would be if we hadn’t missed a bunch on the way) is going to happen Friday February 9th through Monday February 12th.

In my role as autocratic dictator of the event, I am also going to complicate matters. In the past we have had three random ingredients and a fourth not-so-random special ingredient with a theme/twist. We are going to expand a little – there will be a theme. And there will be FOUR random ingredients! Think of the possibilities! Clams, Yerba Mate, marzipan and radishes! Chocolate, pigs blood, mustard and bulgur! OK – I would probably use the incongruity veto on those combinations, but you get the idea.

So what’s the theme? It’s February (or will be). It’s a new year (or feels like it). The torture (or delight) that is Top Chef will be over and done with. And we are officially in numerical terms two years old! To tie all that together, the theme is going to be Peas In The Middle East (ok – maybe Peace – and maybe just the Middle East).

I have really liked the geographical themes we have done in the past so the Middle East it is. And we are also going to restart the ingredient list – so just this ONE TIME you can nominate TWO ingredients. Consider nominations open.

If you have no idea what I am talking about scroll down and follow some of the links to things like the rules and past events. You’ll get the picture.


  1. Great to see the nominations coming in – note they do NOT have to be peace related (or Middle East related or whatever) – that’s what you have to MAKE. Ingredients can be ANYTHING – like bay leaves – or coffee.

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