Paper Chef is on! 24th Edition – Peas In The Middle East

Here we go:

the theme this month is ‘Peas in the Middle East’ – interpret that how you will peas/peace/middle eastern dishes, etc.

The four random ingredients are:


As usual substitute away for allergies/vegetarianism/inability to get ingredients.


  1. I may be thick, but if I put prosciutto in a Middle Eastern dish, won’t war break out instead of peace? Is there more to this challenge than immediately meets the eye?

  2. Ilva – glad to see you here!

    Judith – there is always more to these than meets the eye! I can think of several ways around it – substitution of ingredients or theme or even an argument that blanket bans on pork haven’t worked for the last 2000 years so why not try something new?! Basically we get what we get in the random draw and then have to make it work – that’s really the heart of the challenge!

  3. I almost gave up after seeing Ilva’s stunning entry. The dish was going to be recycled into something else since Ilva also made a beautiful dessert, however there wasn’t time, so I just made minor changes 🙂

    Noah’s Pudding with an Italian twist

    It’ll be interesting to see what form Noah Pudding takes if people in other parts of the world search in their pantries for grains and dried fruits….

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