Paper Chef Update

Well, it looks like people are still coming out of the woodwork, so I’m going to hold until next week in the hope that we get more ingredients.

Right now the list is:

peas, olives, feta, ice, dates, chickpeas, prunes, coffee, bay leaves, cucumber, couscous, pomegranate, prosciutto, rice and chili.

3 responses to “Paper Chef Update

  1. okay…How about saffron and almonds?

  2. How about lemon and eggplant?

  3. I keep meaning to play PC, maybe if I nominate an ingredient it will help.

    I’m going to a Fat Tuesday thing tomorrow and a (belated?) Burns Dinner over the weekend so I’ve been thinking about food and heritage. In that spirit, I say something connected to your heritage, however you define that. But you have to explain the connection.

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