Paper Chef Roundup Number 24 – only Five Months Late!

It was pointed out to me that I had neglected to actually wrap up Paper Chef number 24 during my five month long hiatus from blogging. So here we go…roundup first and a winner in a day or two. It was a smallish set of entries, but as usual, all of very high standard. I have noticed over the three years or so that the contest has been running that we get a LOT of Australian entrants. Do they just like cooking more or do they like cooking competitions more? Oh well – we had two out of four from Oz this time, plus an entry from Ilva in Italy (and she’s Swedish and founded the Swedish version of Paper Chef) and one from Brilynn in Canada. All four are multiple entrants in the past and I think three of them have won in the past as well. In fact, until I dropped the ball, Brilynn was going to judge having won Paper Chef 23. But in order to get things moving I’ll do this one and maybe she can be the first judge for the newly relaunched Paper Chef – to start in September.

A quick reminder – the theme this time was Peas/peace in the Middle East

Ilva of Lucullian Delights made three dishes: prosciutto roses with coffee rice and sambal oelek; rice pasta with rucola, prosciutto and coffee and balsamic vinegar reduction; and coffee flavoured rice cream with cardamom and chilli pepper caramel and prosciutto decoration…

Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas made Oooh La La, Roulade Noircie – a delectable looking steak roll with a coffee and chili rub, along with a little reflection on food bringing peace.

Noodle Cook of An Electric Restaurant made Noah’s Pudding – a variation on a traditional asure with his usual extremely creative use of little extras and many great Australian spices and herbs.

thog of PhooD made us War in Practice; aka Choko Maths – and at the same time evoked his high school days, Elvis and provided us with yet more exotic Australian ingredients. I’m still not sure what a choko is….

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