The Winner of Paper Chef 24 – Only Five Months Late!

This was a tough decision. I liked thog‘s theme a lot and his little biographical story was very touching – AND the dish looked excellent – although I STILL don’t get the Choko experience. Wikipedia says its like a chayote but pictures from Australia and the descriptions bely that. Basically a bland and bumpy flavorless squash.

I really liked the look of Brilyn‘s roulade – I’m going to have to try that technique some time – and I liked her general discourse as well.

Noodle Cook
always goes so far over the top (in a good way) that I have to resist just giving him a win every time for the sheer effort he puts in.

Ilva is a Paper Chef hero for tirelessly promoting it and for running the Swedish version – and she made three dishes!

In addition, all four are multiple entrants and keen supporters of the Paper Chef. We had moved to giving two awards and although that might seem excessive, I’m going to award them both. There are sort of categories of haute and home but mostly people ignore them – quite rightly. So, here goes…the winner for the home category is thog for his Choko Maths and the winner of the haute category is Ilva for three fancy dishes.

There – five months late but done…

Now onward. I am going to reopen Paper Chef and we are going to change it a bit – not a lot. I think that the biggest problem for participating is that it is hard to do it all in a weekend. But it isn”t fun without the time pressure. So we are going to break it apart a little. The three random ingredients will be announced on a Wednesday and the fourth theme ingredient on the Friday as before. And people have to get entries in by the following Wednesday but they have to promise on their honor that they only take two of the days in between to think, plan and cook. That gives everyone more time to get some ideas and ingredients and more time to write it all up. I’m also going to make it more mid month because I think everyone gets blindsided by it happening right at the very beginning….

If you have any more ideas let me know, please.


  1. This is happiness, I’m very proud! Thanks! But above all I’m really happy you are starting PC again, I have missed it very much! Thank you Owen!

  2. I think it’s a very good idea to spread the time out a tiny bit more. My schedule is so packed I still might not do much more than read the entries most of the time, but I do think it will encourage more people to participate.

  3. Glad to see you back Owen, and thank you for my first paper hat. Look forward to the new format and extended battles.
    Joel (thog)

  4. Welcome back, Owen!

    I’m glad you’re restarting Paper Chef with that time frame change. Chopper works weekends, so if the deadline had stayed Monday, we’d never be able to join in!

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