Well, Ilva, over at the truly lovely blog Lucullian Delights, has decided to take on Paper Chef so that it doesn’t die out. I’m really happy because she has always been one of its biggest supporters (and one of the best entrants). This way my little monthly event will carry on.

For those of you coming over here from her blog or who have no idea what I’m talking about, below is a little potted history of Paper Chef.

Essentially it is a little event for food bloggers modeled loosely on the Iron Chef and on Ready, Steady Cook, the BBC cooking show. Food bloggers have a weekend to devise, make and write about some creation that uses the assigned four ingredients. For full details of how it works, see this post that includes the rules.

For some idea of what it comes out like, please see these two posts with links to many of the past events…

Thanks Ilva!