Food Blog Awards – Time To Vote

This year, I was again honored to be asked to help judge the annual Food Blog Awards, the prestigious awards for food bloggers that were started four years ago (I think – maybe it was three – I’m getting old) by Kate at Accidental Hedonist and then taken over by the other Cate at

Anyways, I and some other fantabulous judges, just finished a LONG weekend of looking at food blogs and picking finalists from the nominees. Now the time is right for everyone to go vote. So do that – go vote.

No axe to grind here except participation. There were a LOT of nominees and judging was tough – it took several go-rounds to shake out all five of the finalists in many categories. There were several categories where it was hard to pick five – I’d have preferred to pick seven, or ten or…

I found lots of new and new-to-me blogs as well as a host of already deservedly well-known blogs.

So go support your community and make your opinion known and felt…

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